Sunday, August 19, 2012

L1B Visa Interview Experience at US Consulate, Chennai

Yesterday I had been to Chennai, Tamil Nadu for my L1-Blanket Visa Interview. My friends were saying that L1-B is little difficult to get through these days since there is more inquiry for this type of US visa from the US Consulate. In this article I just thought of sharing my experience of L1B US Visa Interview at US Consulate General at Chennai, India which I think will be helpful for the people especially who are appearing for the L1-B US Visa at Chennai for the first time.

I was there at the Venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time. There was a big queue at this time, when I inquired the security personnel there, I learnt that people are allowed to get in according to their scheduled interview time and I was bit relaxed and stood at the correct position in the queue instructed by the securities.

One person had his cell phone in his pocket and the security who checks all your pockets found that and that person was asked to leave the queue. Yes, cell phones or any electronic devices are strictly not allowed inside the consulate office.

Firstly the visa interview appointment letter is verified and a seal is put before even the security check and people are allowed to get into the consulate office. Then a token is issued for verifying the rest of the your documents. Collect the token and wait for your turn that flashes on the displays. Your token number and the counter number are displayed there. Once your documents are verified, your finger print will be taken and you are asked to head towards the place where US consulates are sitting. The same token number used to verify your documents is used even in the consulate location (Consulate location is another adjacent building in Channai center).

Wait for your turn, the HDFC demand draft is collected at one counter and then you will be going to US consulate counters when your token number is announced.

Questions asked for my L1-B Visa,

1. What's the type of visa you have applied for?
     I said XXX
2. What's your designation?
     My designation is XXX
3. What's your project?
    I explained about my project in 3 sentences.
4. What you have done in this project?
    I explained the modules that I had worked on.
5. How long have you been working with XXX company? I said the number of years.
6. What are you going to do in US?
    I explained my US roles
7. Where are you going to US?
    I said the city and the state name

Then she started the paper work and signed the I-129S forms and said your visa has been approved and you will get your passport in a weeks' time and also said to keep the I-129S forms with you while you travel to the US, they are required there.

I said 'Thank you mam', have a nice day.

I think the main the task in the visa interviews is to understand what each type of US visa requires and is expected by the applicants. For example, for L1-B, its required to have the specialized knowledge such as knowledge specific to your company technologies and proprietary stuffs.

My suggestion is that avoid using technical and common IT terms such as Oracle, Java, C/C++. This is too generic. Do not use abbreviations, if used expand them. Just make sure that consulate understands you, this can only happen if you use layman language while explaining your details.

Hope this article helps people appearing for Visa interviews for the first time.


  1. Good one... really helpful. Thanks for keeping it simple and to the point. :)

  2. thanks . It is help full.
    But it would be really good to here your actual answers.

  3. good, I think it would help me to atten the interview with more confidence...thanks

  4. Gud one thank!!.. Best of luck on ur onsite assignment :)

  5. thank u its very helpful

  6. Thanks , good one

  7. thanks.. this should be of a great help.. and has boosted up my confidence before appearing. Appreciate for the time you have spent for others.

  8. Thank you very much!

  9. I think now days everyone is visiting www.intentfilling,com for US visa interview sessions. Amazing...

  10. Hi , Can anyone tell me what is the duration of L1B interview? i heard it will just be 60 seconds, is this correct?

  11. If you are asking about the duration of actual conversation between you and consulate, it would be less may be few minutes. But you are asking the duration of entire process, now it is two days.


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